🎓 "Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein

the cabin crew


Peter & Julian 

We’re Julian and Peter and we’ve gained our training knowledge and experience in both the public sector and private industries. 

We don't just have academic knowledge; we have 'hands on' experience. 

We combined our experience and expertise into The Training Cabin Ltd in 2019.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge with others and training them to meet the highest standards possible. 

We train our delegates to the level required, inform on best practice and assist people to reach their desired goal and beyond.

We understand that people learn in different ways, so we employ holistic teaching through incorporation of a variety of training methods and tools. 

We keep it interesting and relevant.

The feedback we receive from our training sessions is part of our company governance procedure and one of our ways of constantly striving for, and meeting, excellence.

We're always delighted to see former course attendees come back to us for further training or refresher courses.

We enjoy what we do and we want you to enjoy what we do, this is why we're at The Training Cabin.

The Training Cabin Ethos

Our Mission Statement

We set out to bring training courses, including first aid training, CPR certification, compliance training and CPC certification plus many other training courses to our clients using a professional, interesting and friendly approach.

We know that people don't learn well in a stressful environment and the very essence of learning and being tested on knowledge is stressful for many.  

We get it, learning needs to be active and engaging and everyone's different. 

At The Training Cabin, we incorporate as many methods as possible into the training syllabus of each course we deliver:

  • We create a relaxed environment to help everyone feel at ease and open to learning
  • We employ active learning methods
  • We use a variety of ways to deliver the required content
  • We encourage participation and questions
  • We seek to build relationships with our delegates
  • We welcome contact from delegates after their courses; our training sessions are not the end of our involvement with clients, it’s the continuation of our business service and relationship
  • We ask for feedback, and we genuinely listen to our clients; we know that to get the best you have to give the best

Come Learn with Us!

Our Core Values

Ø   QUALITY & VALUE –We place importance on value for money on the services we offer - and the value of our work to wider stakeholders is also measured and valued by us. By developing good business relationships, through collaboration and delivering on promises, the quality and value of our work is maintained

Ø   HONESTY, INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY– We’ve built honesty, integrity and transparency into the framework of our business, the decisions we make and the relationships we manage. If we can deliver what you want - we will, and we’ll tell you how; if we can’t - we’ll tell you why

Ø    FAIRNESS & RESPECT– We value our clients, what we do, and the community in which we operate. We listen to them and learn from them. Our cabin is your cabin

Ø   SUSTAINABILITY – We measure the impact of what we do and how we do it by exacting standards and with consideration to current and future needs of the company, environment and stakeholders

Ø    ACCOUNTABILITY – Through our in-house governance policies and procedures we’re able to continually develop and maintain good practice in all that we do – we accept responsibility for what we do and how we do it

Ø   RESPONSIBILITY – Through ‘integrated thinking’ The Training Cabin remains effective and efficient whilst delivering the best possible outcomes to company, client and community

We base our integrated thinking and decision making on six capitals:

o  Financial

o  Human

o  Manufactured

o  Intellectual

o  Natural

o  Social

Ø    COLOURFUL & FUN – We believe life and learning should be fun and in full colour

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Our training courses are delivered using holistic teaching methods. Our trainers are passionate about their work and deliver affordable, reliable excellence.